Gio Ponti

Gio Ponti 1891 - 1979

Gio Ponti is an extraordinarily important figure in 20th century art & design.

A cultural catalyst who celebrated other designers’ work and defined the terms

of the design debate as an editor, writer and teacher. As a designer, Gio Ponti

worked for 120 companies. As an architect, he built in 13 countries. As a

magazine editor, he produced 560 issues and wrote at least one article for

each. As an academic, he lectured in 24 countries. He also found time to

dictate some 2,500 letters and draw 2,000 illustrated letters, as well as for

painting and poetry.

Ponti was a true polymath, his work was unusually eclectic, reflecting the

diverse, often conflicting, styles and ideologies with which he experimented

over the years. He was intensely curious, unusually open-minded and eager to

explore new ideas. He forged firm friendships with colleagues all over the

world, who often visited him at home in Milan or in his studio. Once a garage,

the studio was so huge that Ponti’s assistants literally rode up to their desks on

scooters. His friends still tell stories of his charm, and his kindness toward



3 muses

Gio Ponti

Le Tre Grazie

Mounted 16.25" x 13.25 Image 12" x 9.75"

Gio Ponti

Il Circo

Mounted 44" x 16" Image 41" x 13"

Gio Ponti


14" x 16.75"

Gio Ponti


15.25 x 12.75"
Gio ponti

Gio Ponti


Mounted 13.75" x 16.5" image 9" x 11.5"