Maestro Number 3

Part of Sax Berlin's Sfumato Pearl Collection. The First String of Pearls contains 30 images on Italian slate backed by wood created in 30 days. This is an early piece from Berlin's Second String of Pearls. 

This amazing set of works references Durer and Caravaggio, particularly in his use of chiariscuro and tenebrism techniques. However, the series is considerably more spiritual and calls upon the ancient Chinese and Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi;  a profound aesthetic consciousness that transcends appearance. To view the true essence of the work one must look beyond the apparent, one must look within.

The Maestro - number 3 in the Second String of Pearls. Pulsating with a confidence borne from inner knowledge this beautiful slate resonates of ancient civilisations. It portrays the wisdom of ages and is a very special piece. Beautifully set in a black wood frame

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