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The inspiration for ’Tree Of Life’ came from a quilt I made for the ‘Quilt Art’ group exhibition ‘Moving On‘. The quilt was called ‘Black Hole’ (Mourning quilt) and describes the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness I felt at the loss of my beloved parents and family. Nevertheless life carries on regardless no matter how we may be feeling. In ‘Tree Of Life’ hopefulness, replaces hopelessness and is interpreted in the colours, shapes and patterns used in the quilt. Knot-like spheres symbolise the cycles of life and death, summer and winter, dusk and dawn. The eternal circles of life - each new dawn brings a new day and new hope.

Size: h 130 x w 127 cm

Technique: Improvisational fused, cut and stitched incorporating heat transfer of scanned leaves. Machine stitched, pieced and quilted.
Materials: Discharge and resist dyed silk, satin and cotton fabric upper, cotton filling and backing.