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21st January 2020
image of sax berlin

There's always going to be a market for artists such as Warhol, Picasso or Kahlo as every art collector would love to add a piece from these greats. However, there are plenty of living, breathing artists out there who are producing works of great quality and equal relevance as artists from the past. Apart from having an immediate impact on their careers, investing in living artists can change the future of art as a whole. To ensure we have a constant flow of quality art we need to invest in todays artists.

6th November 2019

                    How to Package a Painting For Shipment

As an art gallery, one of our most nerve wracking times is when we ship a piece to a new owner. It's always good to be able to track our artworks around the world, but only when the packing is removed do we find out that the work has survived its journey unharmed and is ready to be installed.

24th October 2019
dali ceramic tiles

La Suite Catalane

In 1976, German lawyer Peter Ackermann made a momentous purchase: He bought 60,000 ceramic tiles designed by 

24th October 2019
tree symbolism painting

Tree Paintings and Symbolism

No matter what kind of painting style you look at, chances are that you’ll see a tree in most of them. Modern, abstract, surreal, and various other techniques draw upon this object that can, at best, be described as a symbol of life.  Whether it’s a landscape painting or something more imaginative and derivative, trees depict a special meaning. In fact, even the color palette can differ from one tree painting to another.

23rd October 2019
tim rawlins bronze sculpture

Sculptures and the Lost Wax Casting Technique

Since the dawn of time, artisans have come up with techniques to capture the essence of beauty with different materials. One example is lost wax casting, a method used by sculptors to create beautiful bronze sculptures with intricate details. But what is this artistic technique, how is it carried out, and when did it originate?

What is the Lost Wax Casting Technique?

11th October 2019
new york street art

The city that never sleeps is a true epithet for New York. Probably the most culturally diverse city on the planet its streets are alive with art, music and people.

6th February 2019
new york street art


The Road to 21st Century Neo-Expressionism

New York in the 1980's a place to be free, a place to be creative, a place to be outrageous, a place to be equal, a place to be accepted. Perhaps the world's most iconic city in the most iconic of times. Possibilities were endless, everything was possible.

9th March 2018
The Singing Lutenist

New Objectivity and Ernst Neuschul

Part of the joy of art is discovery; no matter how long one is an art lover, collector or dealer there's always an unexpected revelation around the next bend, something new to explore and research.

10th August 2017

Provenance is the history of an object. Provenance includes the auction houses, dealers, or galleries that have sold an item, the private or institutional collections in which the item has been held, and exhibitions where the item has been displayed.

21st September 2016

White Court Art are privileged & excited to host internationally acclaimed quilt artist Bethan Ash. A beautiful selection of her work can be found on our website .