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Sax berlin neo expressionist painting

Sax Berlin's "Sharp Edge 21st Century Neo Expressionist New York City Style" Series

It probably only happens once in a lifetime with right alignment of the stars! To work with an artist at the very zenith of his power in the contemporary art world. Sax Berlin has travelled every continent to study to learn how to paint in a myriad complexity of styles. He has served an apprenticeship of decades, always creating the most wonderful paintings in every unique style. Now he has come full circle and his Sharp Edge 21st Century New York City Style reflects the cutting edge of contemporary art.  

Now painting in a studio in Spain his work has evolved. Spanish art has always been at the forefront of creativity and style. Due in part to the influences of light, colour and landscape that imbue the country, from stark arid plains to verdant mountains.  

Berlin is inspired by the colours and light to a new vibrancy.  His paintings are elemental, "slash and burn" in an amalgam of New York City Street Style and ancient Spanish church frescoes. A mind blowing mix of Street style & Romanesque ecclesiastical. These pieces are painted at breathtaking, spontaneous speed and reflect the glory of Berlin's surroundings high over the Spanish sierra. 

Ecce Homo - Behold the Man! 

Painted in Sax's Spanish studio. Acrylic on canvas. Signed front and verso

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Sax Berlin talking About "Angel Of Liberty"