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The dramatic size of this work from Berlin reflects the size of his humanity and the concerns he has for the world. In his own words "there's no need to gild the lily ..... until now. It is time for drastic measures. Someone has to do some thing for peace." Truly a piece from the very depths of this Master Artists' heart; Sax has brought all the skills of his prodigious talent to bear witness to his concerns. Highly symbolic use of Calla Lillies, symbolising honour, truth & beauty, have been gilded in pure white gold to over-emphasise the importance of the message. Marble dust creates a rock hard foundation upon which the whole premise of the painting grows and reaches out to be heard. "Sax gilds the lily and offers it to the Dove of Peace".

Oil, White Gold Leaf on Marble Dust

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Gilded Lillies for the Dove of Peace. 2016

84" x 72"
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