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coronavirus charity raising art

LOCKDOWN! LISTEN to the silence of the streets. LOOK at the people on the streets. LEARN the lesson of the streets. The people out there are of the streets, and hospitals, and supermarkets, and delivery services, and emergency services, and care providers, and teachers. The people we cannot do without, the people that keep our society functioning, the people on the frontline.

Berlin is a caring & passionate man. Isolated in his hill top studio he wants to help, to play his part, to do SOMETHING! So here is something; "LOCKDOWN 2020 HERO" a visceral response to Covid19, the Corona Virus. 

This painting is for sale, this painting is a statement, this painting stands for compassion and this painting needs to raise a MILLION. To put something back, to help with the advance of knowledge, to show solidarity of purpose, to help the foundations of our society.

Quote From Sax Berlin

"What can l do as an isopeep to help the world in crisis. I can use my skills as an artist to create an Icon of Support from the people safely inside to the people outside disinfecting the streets and coping in the hospitals all around the world for their dedication and bravery. Know that we appreciate all your efforts and this work of Art LOCKDOWN 2020 HERO is dedicated to you. From the people to the people. "

Acrylic on canvas - newly painted - barely dry - trying to help make a difference.


LOCKDOWN 2020 Hero...The Story