peace painting

Artist's Statement

"Dedicated to my Beloved America.

The Angels of Peace dance for the Dove of Peace with the emblem of the Gilded Lily. To find Peaceful solutions with the intention of bringing Peace to my Beloved America. The land that taught me freedom. Let the greatness of America lie in her creation of Peaceful solutions. I call on all American intellectuals to heed the call of total patriotism and create a think tank that will realize Peace to America in these our most prominent times.
If this small contribution can be of any influence to stop the never ending conflicts and save only one life then the dedication of my life to the arts has been of use to humanity." Sax Berlin

Above all else Berlin is a humanist, but he is also a consummate artist and this work is passionate, beautiful and heartfelt. All the skill and mastery of the craft are displayed in this magnificent painting with grace and delicacy. An exceptional example of British Contemporary Art.

Oil and 25ct gold leaf and silver leaf