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debbie baxter oil painting

Debbie Baxter

Walking The path Of Shadow And Light

Framed 120cm x 130cm . Image 110 x 90
english landscape oil painting

Jill Barthorpe

Edge Of The Trees

30" x 36"
barthorpe still life

Jill Barthorpe


12" x 8"
watercolor still life

Phillip Alder

April still life with speckled wood butterfly

15" x 21"
debbie baxter painting

Debbie Baxter

Carnival Tree

100cm x 80cm
contemporary landscape painting sarah pye

Sarah Pye

Autumn Migration

32" x 50" Framed
Acrylic tree painting

Sarah Pye

Bubblegum Summers

47" x 47"
woodland painting

Debbie Baxter

Morning Blue Bells

Image 90 x 70 cms . Framed 110 x 90
Devon landscape

Debbie Baxter

Wild Wistman's Wood

Framed 110cm x 90cm . Image 90x70
Tree painting

Debbie Baxter


90cm x 90cm
Magnolia tree painting

Debbie Baxter

Magnolia Passion

Image 150cm x 120cm
Debbie baxter tree painting

Debbie Baxter

Wistman's Wood

Framed 130cm x 110cm . Image 100cm x 80cm